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2017-18 Competitive Teams

2017-2018 Competitive Teams

Pool Player

The main focus of a pool player is to continue to improve and maintain their skills by gaining the benefit of practicing and training with a competitive team and coach. Pool players do not participate in games with the team. A pool player pays half of the club competitive registration and training fees.

A pool player may be granted full team status at the discretion of the coach if a roster position is available. In order for a pool player to be granted full team status he/she must pay the remaining half of their club competitive and training fees. Pool players must also pay any pro-rated team fees. (referee, tournament and coach travel reimbursement)

Alternate Player

A player listed as an alternate player is on a waiting list for a roster position on a team that has a full roster.  If a rostered player does not accept their roster position, a roster position may be offered to a player listed as an alternate player. Alternate players will be selected to fill roster positions on a team based on the players playing position or other needs of the team.

Alternate players may be offered to participate with a team as a pool or a fully rostered player.



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