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Become a Sponsor

Our sponsors provide the Louisiana Fire with an opportunity to reach more children in the Greater New Orleans area and to raise funds to support  a professional high quality youth soccer program.  In addition, a sponsorship provides our supporters an opportunity to make a positive impact on the health, wellness and growth of our youth players and involve their employees and consumers.

We always welcome the opportunity to develop new sponsorships.  We look for companies with a solid history and strong brand image who would like to make a contribution that is significant, clearly defined and mutually beneficial.  Furthermore, our goal is to offer a wide variety of opportunities for our sponsors to get involved. 

We strive to provide each of our donors with a unique way to support our club  that is important to them.   The Louisiana Fire strongly adheres to the Better Business Bureau's Standards for Charity Accountability.

If your company meets these initial criteria and you'd like to explore a mutually beneficial relationship with the Louisiana Fire, please contact  Patrick McClausland

Whether you are looking to market a product using Louisiana Fire licensed marks, have a specific proposal in mind, or would just like to speak with us on how you can begin a partnership with the Louisiana Fire, we would love to hear from you.