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Sponsor Fact Sheet

Thank you for your support of the Louisiana Fire. Below are tips to help you determine if a marketing promotion with the Louisiana Fire will meet your business objectives. Please review the following carefully before completing the Sponsorship Proposal Form.

Licensed Trademarks:

The Chicago Fire and Major League Soccer (MLS) own the trademarks for all Chicago Fire marks.  The Chicago Fire and the Louisiana Fire own the trademarks for all the Louisiana Fire Juniors marks and word marks.  Written permissions from the Louisiana fire and or the Chicago Fire and MLS are required to use any Licensed Marks.


The Louisiana Fire is currently unable to accept proposals in the following business categories:

• Alcoholic beverages

• Gambeling Casinos

• Tobbaco Products

• Yogurt or other frozen "treats"

Disclosure Regulations:

Sponsorships that benefit the Louisiana Fire are regulated by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability as well as by applicable state laws.