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Fire Juniors Player Uniform & Fan Gear

Welcome to your  'Player Uniform' , 'Fan Gear' and 'Coaches Gear' homepage supported by Fire Juniors preferred uniform provider The page highlights the range of Fire Juniors uniform packages and includes individual club web-links for members to purchase game day and practice uniform, and spirit wear today! 

How can I order player uniform?

STEP 1- Upon accepting a roster place on a Fire Juniors team the club will indicate what uniform you are expected to purchase (Gold, Silver or Bronze; Outfield v Goalkeeper);

STEP 2- Once the club insert your player name; roster # and contact email address will issue you with email with full instructions on how to order uniform via playerpass. Items listed are 'required' (compulsory items needed to participate in this team) or 'recommended' (additional items available for purchase). Alternatively you can find your Fire Juniors club below and click through to your club playerpass page.

STEP 3- Purchased items will be shipped direct to your home but please allow for delay in busy periods.

NOTE- Fire Juniors are on a 2 year uniform cycle beginning August 2018 and ending July 2020.

Range of Fire Juniors Player Uniform Packages

Other Useful Links

Need help with Player Pass?

PlayerPass is on the online uniform ordering system designed by for Fire Juniors members. If you have any problems then call center is a phone call call away 24 hours a day(1-877-308-7989), or click the playerpass logo (left) for online support.