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Emergency Action Plans

Emergency situations may arise at any time during athletic events. Expedient action must be taken to provide the best possible care to the sport participant in emergency and/or life-threatening conditions. The development and implementation of an emergency action plan will help ensure that the best care will be provided.

As athletic injuries occur indiscriminately, the LA Fire Sports Medicine Team must be prepared. This preparation involves formulation of an emergency plan, proper coverage of events, maintenance of appropriate medical emergency equipment and supplies, utilization of appropriate medical emergency personnel, and continuing education in emergency medicine and planning. Optimistically, through careful pre-participation screening, adequate medical coverage, safe practice and training techniques, and other safety paths, some potential emergencies may be avoided. However, accidents and injuries are inherent with sports participation. Proper preparation on the part of the LA Fire Sports Medicine Team should enable each emergency situation to be managed appropriately.

An emergency will be defined as any time that a situation calls for the need for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to give further medical attention and/or transport someone to the hospital. Prior coordination and communication regarding steps taken during an emergency needs to occur between the LA Fire Medicine staff and the coaches/administration before each athletic season. This guide is created with the intention of setting forth roles and outline the protocol to be followed should in the event that an emergency occurs. Some situations where 911 should be called are, but are not limited to:

  • Athlete is not breathing
  • Athlete is unconscious
  • A neck or spinal cord injury is suspected
  • Severe heat illness or suspected heat stroke
  • Athlete sustained an open fracture
  • Severe bleeding that cannot be subsided
  • Any situation that the LA Fire Sports Medicine team deems further medical attention is needed