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Competitive Program

The Fire Juniors Competitive Program- is for the committed soccer player who aspires to play at the highest level of travel soccer. Competing at the state and select regional levels require a commitment to training, games, tournaments and travel. The program is year round. Players are placed on teams through the tryout process. A C1 boys or girls team will practice three times per week .

C2 and C3 teams are for the soccer player who prefers to participate in a high-quality, developmental, travel soccer program that fits the commitment level of the player/family. The time required is less than the C1 program and travel consists of state wide league games and in and out of state tournaments usually within a 4 hour travel distance. A C2 or C3 boys or girls team will practice two or three times per week depending on the team.

Competitive players are placed on teams through a try out process with criteria for selection being based on ability and level of player commitment. A Fire Juniors club may have a number of select teams per age group depending on the size of the club.